Balloon Distractions Gives Back Internationally!

In the farming communities high up in the tropical mountains of Honduras there is no electricity, no running water and no public sanitation infrastructure. Many children in these communities drink tainted water and suffer from repeated bouts of water-born pathogens such as Cholera and E Coli. In some tragic cases children die from these illnesses.

For the last few years Balloon Distractions, working with the local Rotary Club and Pure Water For the World, has sent a mission team to Honduras to install water filters and build latrines. A $70 bio-sand water filter can last 25 years and provide an entire family with safe and sustainable drinking water.

As a company we are extremely proud to be part of a project that improves the lives of these beautiful Honduran children. On each trip we also bring along plenty of Qualatex balloons and after the work day is done we entertain the kids.

Here is a brief video about our trip in April of 2013:

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