Build a Region

Regional Partners

Balloon Distractions started with one client back in 2003, a Perkin’s restaurant on North Dale Mabry road in Tampa, FL. From that humble beginning we grew to a nationwide team of entertainers that crosses four time zones and entertains children from Seattle to Miami to Los Angeles. Each local team is led by a Regional Leader, and we are seeking additional Regional Leaders across the United States. Our Regional Leaders are independent contractors, they determine the pace and growth of their region.

What does a Regional Leader do?

  • Sell restaurants on our concept.
  • Develop and train our crew of entertainers.
  • Manage the weekly schedule in that region.

How does someone become a Regional Leader?

  • Fill out the form at the bottom of this page.
  • Submit to a background check and fill out our Independent Contractor agreement.
  • Work your way up through the levels in our program.

How much do Regional Leaders earn?

Your pay is based upon monthly incoming revenue from clients that you have established and staffed in your region.

  • You can do this part time and on weekends to earn an extra $1,000 to $4,000 per month.
  • Some of our Regional Leaders in secondary markets earn $25K per year working less than 10 hours per week.
  • Your income is directly correlated with the excellence of your team and the size of your weekly client base.
  • Your income is directly correlated with the excellence of your team and the size of your weekly client base.
  • YOU determine the artist fee paid out to artists per booking.
  • YOU determine the profitability of your region.

Where do successful Regional Leaders come from?

From retired military to full time college students, our Regional Leader team varies in gender, race, age and work experience. Even across this diversity there are some common characteristics among them:

  • They are willing to fill gigs and make people happy.
  • Expressive, outgoing and friendly.
  • Humble. We all go out and fill bookings on a regular basis.
  • Goal oriented. It takes consistent commitment over a long period of time to build any business.
  • Persistent and TOUGH. People quit, clients cancel, that’s life... but as long as you keep going you will find success in this business.

How does Balloon Distractions support the Regional Leaders?

We have an entire system that walks you through every facet of our business, from twisting your very first balloon to learning how to run a crew of 30 Independent Contractor Entertainers.

We’ve moved our entire operation online, you can run a huge team with a laptop and a smartphone.

Balloon Distractions handles the billing, payroll, quality control and 90% of the weekly scheduling.

Does it cost anything to get started?

As an Independent Contractor you pay for all your supplies: a balloon pump, some balloons, an apron, etc. You can buy these items anywhere for less than $60.

You will spend time and gas building your region, so you’ll need to own a well-maintained and reliable vehicle.

Your revenue is derived from incoming revenue in your region and paid out monthly.

Why should I work with Balloon Distractions?

Why not just buy some balloons and do this on my own?

Why do people spend millions on a McDonald’s franchise?

Because McDonald’s corporation has the best SYSTEMS in the world. Here at Balloon Distractions we’ve figured out the optimal way to develop and organize crews of 25 to 50 entertainers on a weekly basis. Balloon Distractions is already an approved vendor with many of the national brands, from Applebee’s to IHOP to Texas Roadhouse.

You also have access to extensive online and video training.

What if I already have my OWN local entertainment company?

We work hand in hand with local entertainment companies all over North America, and have been doing so successfully for many years.

Our focus as a company is recurring weekly gigs in restaurants, and other similar venues. We occasionally book one time events through our national headquarters, but this represents less than 1% of our overall business.

You are an Independent Contractor, so you can hand out YOUR OWN card or you can hand out the Balloon Distractions cards that we provide to you.